About Us

Hi there, my name's Gregory Dean and its awesome to welcome you to my website. Believe it or not I'm actually a scaffolder by trade but I started designing and creating websites some 11 years back. Quite an extreme change you might imagine but I fell into it quite easily and at present it just seems to be "what I do". Whilst often I create internet sites just for the fun of it, I do for sure also try to make a bit of dough from it (to cover the cost of domain names and so on). To tell the truth I find it a fascinating challenge, coming up with ideas and applying them.

Easy to use, basic sites have invariably been my intent, with pages that are quick loading and don't contain rubbish which you don't want. Hopefully I have accomplished this with this site or at least you haven't been irritated by your visit, perhaps you will even have enjoyed the exercise. If so then I have been successful in my work.

I don't do limo hire myself therefore please do not contact me with enquiries relating to limo hire or asking for quotes for hiring a limousine, this website is made to tell you about some of the different ways to locate a decent limo hire company yourself.

I do not recommend or endorse any individual service, I've purely provided a few strategies for locating one, the choice is ultimately yours alone.

it would be good to to see you here again some day soon and thanks a lot one more time for your visit.